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Hot Rolled Products
Hot Rolled Products provided by us are used in welding and construction trades to make railroad tracks, I-beams, and other items too. These products are known for its high strength, flexibility, malleable, high temperature, corrosion free, long lasting, and easy to use and handle as well as economical to use too. 
Galvanized Wire

Galvanized Wire, best known for its durability, bright shine, high tensile strength, versatile, rust resistant, and multi-purposeful. This wire is used by farmers for fencing work and also in shipyards. This wire is preferred for lower cost, durable, abrasion and water resistant, less maintenance required, reliable coating life as well as high performance.
HTGS Earth Wires
HTGS Earth Wires we deal in are the steel wires, applicable for electric industry. The wires are made with the assistance of high speed drawing machine. Chemical composition of the wires include carbon, manganese, sulphur, silicon, and phosphorus.
ACSR Core Wires
The ACSR Core Wires we deal in are special type of high-strength and high-capacity wires, used for overhead power lines. The external strands of these cables are made from aluminium. The wires have good conductivity, resistance to corrosion, low weight and decent resistance against mechanical stress. 
ACSR Conductors Steel Reinforced (ACSR)
The ACSR Conductors Steel Reinforced are suited for the reinforcement of aluminium conductors. These also assist in the in transmission as well as distribution of electricity. These are suited to be sued for river crossings, transmissions lines installations etc.
Barbed Wires
Barbed wires are also known as bobbed wires. These special type of steel fencing cables have been constructed with sharp points. The points of these wires have been arranged well at the equal intervals along the strands. These are needed to make inexpensive fences and atop walls for secured property.
All Aluminium Conductors
Having wide usage, all types of aluminum conductors are manufactured by us. These are used in electrical transmission lines and other areas. These have good resistance to corrosion.
High Strength Deformed Steel Bars
High strength deformed bars are functional as the cold twisted steel slabs, accessible with ribs, projection, lugs etc. These are extensively suited for reinforcement purposes. Offered bars are acknowledged for their durability as well as high tensile strength.
Aluminum Alloy Conductor
The Aluminum Alloy Conductors we deal in are extensively suited for primary and secondary electrical transmission. Also, these are apt for bare overhead distribution and HV substations. These conductors can be used in industrial areas of high pollution and corrosion.
Galvanized Stranded Wires
Galvanized Stranded Wires we deal in are needed to offer additional strength to several electrical applications. The wires are needed to offer current to tower structures and power poles. Offered wires are highly durable wires, used for making small as well as large structures. 
Umbrella Rib Wires
The Umbrella Rib Wires are needed for designing several types of ropes, wire forms and spring wires. Their exclusive shape and structures are the main attributes of these wires. Offered wires are known for their accurate dimensions and stability in size. 
Mig Wire
The Mig Wires we deal in have a critical role in robotic welding applications. The said wires have a crucial role in the fabrication industries. The said cables are gaining momentum in the industry of automotive. The wires are needed for the applications, where there is a need for weight reduction.
Stick Electrodes
The Stick Electrodes are needed to weld thick metals. They are used for the working of structural steel. Offered solutions are needed to produce strong welds. These are known for their high impact properties. Offered electrodes are made from high-carbon, low-alloy, carbon steel, high-strength steel base metals and others. 
Joggled Fish Plate
The Joggled Fish Plates are commonly utilized for making connection between two rail tracks. These are utilized to provide current to different sections and give assistance in the emergency repairs. Offered are the specially designed plates, accessible with central convexity.
Railway Metal Liner
The Railway Metal Liners are accessible with high vertical rigidity. These are needed to offer even load distribution. Offered liners are accessible with advanced water resistance. These are also used for railway sector and can be used to chunk the pistons, in the aces of pressure.
Construction Steel Bar
The Construction Steel Bars are the reinforcement steel bars, used for masonry and reinforced concrete structures. These are needed to strengthen as well as grip the concrete in tension. Also, these bars are needed to improve the bond quality.
Standard Steel and Pipes
The Standard Steel and Pipes are extensively utilized in the steel industry. Main use of these pipes is in the transportation of liquid as well as gas. We offer them in varying sizes. The said solutions are demanded for throughout construction as well as manufacturing.

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